Reboha is a research center that researches and develops technologies in skin care. Reboha’s research team is made up of many experts with long-term experience in the field of beauty technology and dermatologists, especially experts with more than 10 years of experience in researching technologies as beautiful as Laser, IPL, RF, Hifu… Reboha has researched and developed a lot of highly efficient devices and has been acquired by many famous equipment manufacturers in the world to acquire patents to develop into brands independence. We provide R&D, OEM, and ODM services with leading skin care technology devices. We always make continuous efforts to research and develop to bring consumers and partners the most advanced and efficient technologies with top quality.
With the goal of increasing innovation and using consumer experience and efficiency as the top criteria, Reboha has developed the Dr Glatt brand in home skin care technology equipment segment in 2019. The project of skin care devices at home was researched and developed by the Reboha team in 2017. This series of handsets is very popular despite its new appearance because of its smart and integrated designs. many modern technologies. These devices have been purchased by many OEMs of hand-held skin care equipment suppliers for distribution. Reboha believes that in the future, the Dr Glatt brand owned by Reboha will thrive in the Asian and European markets. In particular, Reboha plans to develop Dr Glatt into an independent brand in Germany by 2021 in order to develop this brand in Europe.
We believe everything we do at reboha is changing the world of beauty and making facial treatments available to everyone on a professional level. We always put conscientiousness and prestige on top. So at Reboha we always aim to go beyond profit. We believe in pursuing good action that will bring the best results to our partners and customers.

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