Announced the launch of the Dr Glatt brand in Vietnam

Dr Glatt and our brand story

Dr Glatt is a brand developed on the basis of modern technology, thanks to its acumen in the trends along with the change in the 4.0 technology revolution from using services at clinic, spa to the skin care equipment at home. 

Dr Glatt is researched by medical & technology specialists at Reboha – which specializes in manufacturing beauty equipment for leading clinics in the world with the top surgery technologies such as Laser, HIFU, IPL, RF,… They worked together to be able to bring technology from bulky devices into handy skin care machines. With more than 10 years of experience, experts have researched, explored, and overcome great barriers in terms of capacity, energy as well as outstanding efficiency of products. As a result, by the end of 2019, a team of experts have launched the Dr Glatt brand with a mainstream product line of small skin care devices that is extremely convenient for customers, taking care of themselves at home instead of spending a lot of time and money at spas or clinics in times of illness like this.

Covid-19 – the obsession of the economy from 2019 to 2020, especially the beauty service industry has suffered terrible impacts from this epidemic.

Not surrendering there, assuming a mission in beauty care for all women, in April 2020, Reboha has launched Dr Glatt brand which supplies home skin care products, applying breakthrough technology in products, we are so confident to bring customers complexion skin, suitable for many different age groups and meet all the needs of customers.

Dr Glatt and selection to launch in Vietnam

Asia is a very potential market, they seriously take care of themselves even in times of epidemic crisis, when social gap rules are being announced day by day, Vietnam has emerged as a phenomenon with successfully overcoming the waves of epidemics, miraculously reviving the economy. Therefore, we decided to launch the Dr Glatt product line in the Asian market, especially choosing Vietnam as the first place of the new generation of beauty era.

Dr Glatt and develop ambitions

Not only laying our foundation in Asia, our ambition is to be able to reach the top of the home skin care market worldwide. We expect that in June 2021, Dr Glatt will start to “attack” the European market, conquer the difficult market to complete the beauty care mission for all women.

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