Innovative IPL Hair removal – IPL PRO 3.0

may triet long ipl pro 3.0-0

Quick Details:

  • Innovative IPL Hair removal
  • Place of production: Germany
  • Brand name: Dr Glatt
  • Machine code: GL23-704
  • Switch button: Yes
  • Light type: IPL
  • Certificate: CE
  • Size: 215 x 68 x 62 mm
  • Color: white, purple
  • Function: Hair removal, tender & painless skin
  • Key words: Dr Glatt New Generation IPL Hair Removal
  • Application: For personal use

Innovative IPL Hair removal 3

Supply Ability

  • Supply ability: 15 – 20 users
  • Packing & shipping Package: Carton box

Product Features

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology:
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology with 999.999 flashes – equal to 10 years of use (approximately 15 to 20 people using for full body part). Superior effectiveness by over 20%. Energy level of 14J – 17J.
  • Ice cool mode:
    • Ice cool mode reduces the temperature to 10ºC – for the 3-times (*) more effective hair removal process and tenderly painless skin, especially on sensitive parts such as bikini, armpit, moustache.

(*): In comparison to devices that do not have this technology.

How to use

Innovative IPL Hair removal 2

  • Select Mode – Button No.3
  1. Long press to enter “AUTO” Mode.
  2. Each press to release a flash.
  • Intensity and Power on/off – Button No.1
  1. Long press to turn on/off the device.
  2. Short press to select intensity (1-9 intensity).
  • Function Switch and Ice Cool – Button No.2

Short press to select 3 functions (HR – Hair Removal, SR – Skin Rejuvenation, RA – Acne Removal) and Ice cool function.

  1. Double press, it will switch into another function.
  2. Each function contains two options: Ice cool or no Ice cool mode. When Ice cool mode is active, press it again to turn to normal mode (no Ice cool mode).

Innovative IPL Hair removal 1

Course of treatment

After 4-5 treatment times, you will notice 70-75% of effectiveness. If you finish 8-10 treatment times following the recommended schedule, the effectiveness will reach 90-100%.

If you have a lot of hair, re-treat it 2-4 times for the greatest results; the hair will not grow back or grow sparingly, and it will be thinner and softer.

Innovative IPL Hair removal

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