Microcurrent Facial Toning and Lifting Device Dr Glatt LIFA 2.0

Quick details:

Place of production: Germany

Brand name: Dr Glatt

Machine code: GL19-302

Switch button: Yes

Mechanism: 2700R massage head design

Water resistant: IPX7

Certificate: CE

Characteristics: Face lift, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening

Size: 170mm * 70mm * 35mm

Color: white

Function: Face lift, rejuvenation

Rated input power: 3W

Key words: Dr Glatt mechanical lift

Application: For personal use

Supply Ability

Supply ability: individual or multiple

Packing & shipping Package: Carton box

Product Features

1. With 2700R designing massage head the micro-arc line can fit face perfectly.

13:9 head ratio fishtail design handle looks good and handy.

2. “Normal” mode can massage skin and vibrate to improve skin vitality.

3. “Cool” mode, cool compressing under blue light, the cool temperature will be 6-10°C lower than normal room temperature, lifting and tightening skin, will lead a good effect in edema, muscle fatigue dark circle and sleep quality, etc.


4. “Hot” mode in red light with temperature about 40°C can strengthens blood circulation, relaxes muscles, repairs and revitalizes skin, promotes skin’s absorption, reduces wrinkles and reveals youthful radiance.

5. Full body waterproof, no fear of liquid penetration, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

6. Improved charging technology, the base and the body USB interface all can be charged, more convenient.

7. With automatic switching function, from “Normal → Cool → Hot”, switch to the next mode every three minutes, after “Hot” mode the device automatically turn off.

8. Designed for home use, it is suitable for all skin types and people of all ages.

“Cool” mode Low vibration, smooth your skin, enjoy cool feeling

“Hot” mode High vibration, rejuvenate your skin, promote your skin product absorption

3 Modes

“Normal” mode – Activate and massage skin

“Hot” mode – Red light, about 40°C, heating and rejuvenating

“Cool” mode – Blue Light, 6-10°C lower than room temperature and refreshing

How To Use

1. Apply proper lotion to face.

2. Long press the key to turn on the device.

3. The three modes use the turn “normal → cool → hot” each 3 minutes, no need manual operation, automatic shifting one after another, complete care for 9 minutes.

4. You can also manually switch the mode according to your personal needs. After use, lone press the on/off key to turn off the product.

5. Wipe the product clean and put it into the base to automatically charge.

Eye massage

Create a small V face

Improve the forehead wrinkle

Neck massage

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