Skin Rejuvenation IPL Hair Removal Device Dr Glatt IPL Lux+

Quick Details:

Place of production: Germany

Brand name: Dr Glatt

Machine code: GL19-702

Switch button: Yes

Light type: IPL

Certificate: CE

Characteristics: Treatment of acne, face lift, pigment removal, pore removal, skin rejuvenation, skin firming, whitening

Size: 170mm * 70mm * 35mm

Color: white, pink

Function: Remove pigmentation, hair removal

Pulse duration: 0.9 +/- 0.2 ms

Key words: Dr Glatt hair removal machine

Application: For personal use

Supply Ability

Supply ability: 10 users

Packing & shipping Package: Carton box

Product Features

The hair removal device uses a very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effects, the machine uses the IPL wave principle, the pigment “breaks” into a fine grain through wave energy, is more likely to be steamed. consumed by the body’s metabolism, causing the hair to fall out. IPL will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effects, can achieve the goal of almost all pigmentation, hair removal, better than traditional laser spot whitening effect.

How Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works?

1. For hair removal

• With IPL technology, gentle pulses of light with wavelength between 550nm-1200nm are applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair root. The darker the hair, the better the pulses of light are absorbed.

• The Lux+ high-intensity light pulses that cause hair follicles to shed naturally, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

2. For skin rejuvenation

• The Lux+ high-intensity light pulses works on skin and stimulates regener-ation of collagen and elastic fiber, meanwhile, photothermal effect improves blood vessels’ function. Thus results of skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction are achieved.

Course of treatment

After the initial treatment period (4-5 treatments), we recommend that you maintain it for 4 weeks. This is to maintain results and enjoy smooth skin for months.

  • The first time
  • Twice a week
  • Once a month
  • Use as needed
  • Phase 1: Week 0
  • Phase 2: Two weeks
  • Phase 3: Four weeks
  • Phase 4: Six weeks

6 thoughts on “Skin Rejuvenation IPL Hair Removal Device Dr Glatt IPL Lux+

  1. Jenna says:

    I am looking for a Dr Glatt hair removal. I am wondering how much does it worth? Is there any website selling this product and shipping it to Canada?
    Thanh you

  2. Kelly Nguyen says:

    I am interesting IPL hair removal.pls give me information about it .I would like to order .thankyou .

  3. Mia Pham says:

    Hi there!! I just wondering if you guys fo sell this product? ( Dr Glatt hair removal). If yes, please let me know how to buy it. I am in Canada now.

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